Street Kitchen Virtual Traveller Competition

Street cooking skewers over coals

A marketplace filled with spices of every colour. Coconuts sliced open with expert precision. Freshly-baked naan straight from the tandoor. These are some of our favourite memories from our trips abroad! 


Is there anything quite as exciting as setting your sights on an unfamiliar place for the first time, learning about different cultures and tasting some of their local dishes?


While we can’t explore new places right now, we can definitely bring them to life in our kitchens! To help you do just that, we’ve launched a new competition where you can win 1 of 10 Street Kitchen international cooking prize packs! 


Street Kitchen International Cooking Packs


Our prize packs are filled with international cooking kits, including favourites like Indian butter chicken, Thai green curry and Malaysian satay! Best of all, there are 10 chances to win! 

How to enter:

Head to our Facebook page or Instagram account, and in the comments of the promotional posts, tell us about your favourite meal from a trip overseas.


Find six delicious Indian and Asian scratch kits at Coles and our delicious rice paper roll kits at Woolworths – just head to the International aisle! Learn more about our kits below!


Street Kitchen Butter Chicken Kit and a delicious butter chicken curry

Street Kitchen North Indian Butter Chicken


In the north of India, tandoor skewers are filled with an array of richly marinated vegetables and meats. Many will choose a serve of freshly chargrilled chicken tikka, swirled into the best butter chicken sauce imaginable and ladled over steaming basmati rice. With this kit, we’ve put together our finest ingredients and blended them perfectly to get you started on your best butter chicken yet. We are sure this kit will satisfy but can’t guarantee it won’t leave you wanting more!

Street Kitchen Punjabi Cashew Korma


If you plan to spend any amount of time on a culinary journey through India, you have to put Punjab on your itinerary. On the streets you will find an endless assortment of delights, including the distinctive Mughlai style korma, with its creamy base of mild spices and ground cashews. Use our Punjabi Cashew Korma kit to bring your own style to this sensational mild curry. Enjoy the journey!


Street Kitchen Coconut Chicken Chettinad


Centuries ago, Chettiar merchants brought home an assortment of produce and fragrant spices from their Asian neighbours. Chettinad cooking has since developed into one of the most recognised cuisines of India. It’s said that you’re truly blessed to dine with a Chettiar as you will be invited to sample a lavish feast of succulent dishes, made with the finest blend of aromatic spices and flavours. Street Kitchen provides you with their special spice blend for the renowned Chicken Chettinad so you can create this delicate coconut-­based curry for yourself!


Street Kitchen Green Thai Curry


Green Thai Curry at its essence is a zesty blend of green herbs and spices. When added to coconut milk, it delivers silky notes of delicate sweet heat. Toss through your choice of crunchy greens and chicken until cooked and serve over steaming fragrant rice and top with wedges of lime and Thai herbs. Whether eaten at one of the eclectic stalls sprinkled across the night streets of Thailand or in a more casual setting at home, this meal will have you only wanting more.


Street Kitchen Malaysian Peanut Satay


In homes, on the street, in restaurants – everywhere and often, people are preparing and eating satay; it is Malaysia’s national dish! Everyone has a recipe, from generation to generation and in celebration of the diverse ethnic and cultural mix of the country – we’re thrilled to share ours with you! Create stir-fries, skewers and much more with this scrumptious blend of spices and peanuts. 


Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken


The flavours and foods of Japan are like most things in Japan; simple, elegant and delicate. It takes knowledge, skill and a whole lot of understanding about the relationship between food, nature and the ever-unfolding seasons. Piqued your interest? How better to satisfy that, than to start with your own style of Teriyaki served with a bowl of fragrant rice and a side of sweet Asian pickles. Just take a leaf from the Japanese and cook with joy.


Street Kitchen Rice Paper Rolls Kits


Packed with fresh Vietnamese flavours, rice paper rolls are bound to transport you to the farmer’s markets of Saigon. A dish from southern Vietnam, this ever-popular meal has gathered many influences and flavours over the years. Traditionally, families sat around a table full of fresh ingredients, and each member made their own rice paper roll to their tastes. We’ve taken out the hard work of preparing those ingredients and give you the best flavours in our kits. Simply add your whichever meat you’d like (we suggest prawn, pork or duck) or skip meat entirely and enjoy a mix of fresh herbs and vegetables. Try our Street Kitchen Rice Paper Roll with Hoisin Kit or our Street Kitchen Rice Paper Roll with Nuoc Cham Kit!


Enter our competition today to go into the running to win 1 of 10 Street Kitchen prize packs! Click here to enter! Entries close 6.00pm EST 6 July. To learn more, read the full terms and conditions and take a look at the full Street Kitchen range.