How To Cook a Vietnamese Feast at Home

The fresh and vibrant flavour of authentic Vietnamese cooking might feel difficult to achieve at home but with our street food scratch kits, it’s easier than you think!

So, how do you cook an authentic Vietnamese feast at home? First you’ll need some of our scratch kits: our Rice Paper Roll Kit with Nuoc Cham, Rice Paper Rolls Kit with Hoisin Sauce or Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Scratch Kit will do the job perfectly!

The Starter 

There’s no tastier starter than fresh rice paper rolls and it’s even more fun to make your own! Our rice paper roll kits come with the all-important rice paper sheets, rice vermicelli noodles and a tasty dipping sauce (hoisin or nuoc cham, depending on the kit). All you need to get are some fresh herbs, like Vietnamese mint or coriander, some fresh vegetables (try cucumber and spring onions) and your choice of protein. To complement our sweet and subtle hoisin kit, we recommend using Peking or roast duck, while our nuoc cham kit goes great with prawns!

Prepare your vegetables and herbs, place them on the dinner table next to your cooked 

protein and dipping sauce. Then, soak the noodles in boiling water for 5-10 minutes and drain. Place a small bowl of water on the table as rice paper sheets need to be soaked one-by-one for 15-20 seconds to become soft and pliable. 

Fillings should be placed in a row closer to one edge of the softened rice paper sheet, then each side of the sheet is folded into the centre and rolled up like a sausage. Finish it off by dipping the rice paper roll into the dipping sauce. Your dinner guests will be able to build their own rice paper rolls at the table, adding as many fillings as they like! Watch this simple tutorial for more tips on how to roll a rice paper roll.

The Main

Harmony and balance is at the heart and soul of Vietnamese cuisine; even the bustling street vendors will tell you the importance to getting it right! With a warming heat and the 

fresh flavour of lemongrass, our Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken scratch kit is the perfect balance of flavours.

Our kit comes with a lemongrass & garlic paste, a lemongrass spice pack and a vibrant Vietnamese lemongrass sauce. The paste is used to marinade the chicken. Then the spices are flash fried, the chicken is seared and the vegetables are added to the pan. After a few minutes the lemongrass sauce is added and cooked for a further 5-10 minutes. Served on a bed of jasmine rice, our Vietnamese lemongrass chicken is the perfect main for a Vietnamese feast at home.

The Dessert

Finish off a tasty Vietnamese dinner with a delicious sweet vietnamese coffee made with condensed milk and a mix of small cakes like mango cake, coffee buns and mung bean pastries that you can easily pick up at your local Asian grocer.