About Street Kitchen

With Street Kitchen, we have gathered the essence of real street cuisines and packaged it up into easy-to-use scratch kits. Just add your meat or vegetables to bring your own distinctive style to your products. We only ask that you cook with joy!
Street Kitchen & Passage Foods are subsidiaries of the Flavour Makers Group.

Learn more about our packaging

Sadly our sauce pouch packs are not recyclable.  This is clearly not ideal or practical and we are searching the globe for a solution.  We plan to change as soon as technology develops a recyclable or compostable option.

The cardboard sleeves from our kits can be placed in your recycle bin at home.

Further, we are a signatory to the Australian packaging covenant organisation (APCO), which aims to deliver the best possible solutions to packaging efficiency and sustainability in Australia, learn more here.  By joining APCO we have flagged the next step in our efforts to work collaboratively with industry to increase the sustainability of our packaging.

There is much confusion about plastic pouch versus glass versus tin, but it is our understanding that overall pouch has the lowest carbon footprint of all options.

Authentic flavours are born in market places and on the streets. It’s where traders, travellers and locals alike gather to spark their senses and share stories. The centrepiece is always food. Something that sizzles or simmers… the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

At Street Kitchen we’ve explored the most sought after flavour destinations. The exotic, the unexpected and iconic. And our easy-to-use scratch kits have captured the best of the best for you to recreate at home. Get creative in three simple steps and discover meals that take your tastebuds travelling. It’s time to bring the street to your kitchen.